A serious music with a sweet accent




Mohammad Javad Sahafi

Journalist and music researcher




A song was released a while ago by Saeidi Brothers, the two Isfahani singers which was called "Negari mani", who performed a sweet song with sweet Isfahani accent on Iranian style of music. The welcome for this musical piece was so high among Iranian music audiences that the number of the song downloaded through various sites was estimated at over 2.5 million times, which is rare if not unique in terms of a piece of music with a particular accent and dialect of a region that the produced song is an Iranian music.
Perhaps the most important point to be made in this single song is the performance of a piece with a non-Farsi accent and language in the Iranian musical style, the event that in addition to be used as a means to get more familiar with Iranian music, it makes the Iranian people more familiar with the language, poetry, culture and literature of different parts of the country that apart from the Kurdish-speaking artists, the other regions show little efforts in producing such works, and few examples of such cultural harmonization have been observed by musicians of different ethnicities

Negare Mani 
More than anything else, we are observing mass production of non-rooted music that lack identity in the country that are presented to the audiences as pop music; works that producers and people behind the scenes target the musical interest of the addressees tragically by abusing their trust., so that some people, who enter this field of art with no scientific or academic backgrounds provide an overnight reputation for themselves.
To prove this claim, it will be sufficient to browse the music download sites and easily find the profound disaster. The strange point about this story is the high number of music download sites and the huge variety of singers introduced by these sites.
At a time when "lack of artistic culture" has surrounded Iranian music audiences in all the aspects, the boldness of producing folklore music blended with Iranian musical styles, is highly commendable, and at the same time demonstrates that providing good and valuable music to audiences by art producers, not only causes proper welcome from the products, it will also cause the audience to be accustomed to hearing good works, leading them to search for valuable music, the function that was done in discrete form in the recent years and welcomed by the audience.
On the other hand, because of the special sweetness that lies in the accent and dialect of the people of Isfahan, the lyrics and songs performed in this way are mostly humorous and try to absorb the audience through this tool. However, this time, Saeidi twin artists performed “Negari mani” song in “Se-gah” music style and unlike in the past, introduce the audience to a very serious music, presenting the Iranian musical capabilities in a different manner.
The idea, music, arrangement, and lyrics of this music piece was done by Sina Farzadipour, in winter 2018.