Mohammad Saeidi

Mohammad Saeidi (born Oct. 30 1981, in Isfahan), a singer of classic Iranian songs.



Mohammad Saeidi was born on Oct. 30, 1981 and is an Iranian singer in the city of Isfahan.

His activity began with particular passion plays (Ta'zieh). He collaborated with the great masters of the art in the passion plays (Ta'zieh).

He learned Persian singing techniques and traditional singing styles (radifs) by the experts: Fazlullah Shahzamani, Mohammad Taghi Saeidi and Mohammad Ali Kianinejad. Among his activities that can be regarded as in humanitarian work are the concerts for children with thalassemia (1996 at Tehran's Andisheh Hall) and album of silent citadel music (to assist cultural affairs of orphan children of Bam earthquake).

Invited by Mr. Farhad Fakheddini, he found his way in the Iran National Orchestra, but unfortunately, due the discontinued cooperation of Mr. Fakheddini, this invitation did not result in the considered performances. He and his brother, Ali Saeidi, are the only twin singers in Iran.


  • Music Concert in Tchaikovsky Conservatory's Rachmaninoff Hall with Tirgan Band in Moscow June 2016
  • Concert of Germany (Freiburg) - July 2009


  • “Arg-e Khanousg” (Silent citadel) )composed by Fariborz Rostami and arranged by Amir Eslami


  • Music of the TV serial “Posht-e Kouh ha-ye Boland (Behind the tall mountains) – 2012
  • “Khial Angiz (Imaginative)” - 2018
  • “Negari Mani” – 2019
  • “Gol-e Ranjideh” (Indignant Flower) – Jul. 2019
  • The piece of “Negari Mani” – Oct. 2019


  • Deutsche Welle Radio / Germany

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