Saeidi Brothers

Ali & Mohammad Saeidi ( علی و محمد سعیدی) (born on October 30, 1981, in Isfahan) are Iranian traditional singers. They are considered the only Iranian singing twins


Mohammad & Ali Saeidi were born in 1981 in the city of Isfahan.

After three years, they succeeded in passing the breath taking and singing technique course with the distinguished and dominant “ney” (Persian musical instrument) player and composer, Mohammad Ali Kianinejad.

Official Activities

  •  Music concert at Rachmaninov Hall of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory together with the Tirgan group in Moscow
  •  Performance of some of the songs by Abdolhossein Barazandeh and his son, Jamshid Barazandeh, for IRIB Music Center to be broadcast from various national, provincial, and international Iranian TV networks, in the programs such as “The Poetry and Music Caravan”, “Morning Came…”, “Zeddehrood”, etc.
  •  Music of the TV serial “Qalicheh (Rug)”, with Delnavazan Music Group (1996)
  •  Concert in Germany (2009)
  • Music of the TV serial “Posh-e Kouh ha-ye Boland (Behind the tall mountains)” (2012)
  • “Arg-e Khamoush (The silent palace)” musical album (2014)
  • The piece “Sarzamin-e ba Esalat (Land of originality)” (2018)
  • The piece “Khial Angiz (Imaginative)” (2018)
  • The piece “Negari Mani (You are my love)” – with Isfahani accent (2019)
  • The piece “Gole Ranjideh (Suffered flowers)” (2019)
  • The piece “Gisouye Negar (hair of Negar)” (2019)